We are based in the beautiful, inspiring county of Yorkshire and have always loved crafting & projects.

So much so that, as far as we are concerned, a day without crafting is a day wasted! We have long crafted for family and friend’s special events and would be presented with images asking “Do you think you can make me this?” We would then set out to turn a concept into a reality. After getting engaged, we started to work on our biggest project yet, our own wedding!

Fiona  Dan 180804-558.jpg

Having an ‘eye for detail’ was a phrase that we kept hearing from people and so after deciding that we wanted to share our passion with others, it naturally created a name for us. The F & D in the centre of our eye logo not only stands ‘for detail’ but it is also an amalgamation of our name initials.

We are a growing business and are proud to have had our work recently featured in 'Belle Bridal' magazine.

We look forward to making your creative ideas come to life.

Fiona & Dan